About Us

The Mass Social Welfare Scheme (MSWS) is a nationwide welfare provider to all classes of people across the social divide in Ghana and across Africa. MSWS is a non-profit organization registered under the Laws of the Republic of Ghana.

The organization was launched in April 2013 and is poised to take its position as the largest social intervention-based organization in the country employing an envisaged 5,000 strong "army of helpers" and directly impacting the lives of thousands of the most vulnerable in the Ghanaian society.

MSWS is working for the betterment of the people in different spheres of endeavor. It encourages willing individuals to organize and mobilize themselves into groups, societies and community blocs with shared needs in order to access attractive services, resources and capital with a view to reducing poverty and achieving higher standards of living. MSWS also seeks to play a fundamental role in the capacity building of individuals and communities for poverty reduction and social development in Ghana and beyond.

Currently, MSWS has a staff strength of 4,350. The MSWS team is composed of a President, an envisaged Membership capacity of 18 million people, and a Board of Directors. Currently, MSWS runs a three-tier Membership registration system at the zonal, district, and regional levels. The core business of MSWS is 3-phased:

  1. Digitally registering all members;
  2. Profiling every Scheme Member according to their stated needs and wants; and
  3. Providing those specified needs in collaboration with local and international partners

Who We Are

To leverage the synergies between economic power, ingenious technology, human capital and strategic partnerships to profile individuals and communities in a quest to eliminate poverty and create equal opportunities for all in the society.

Principle of "if more less divides": MSWS capitalizes on strength in numbers to achieve unique repositioning in order to prosecute an agenda of poverty alleviation.

MSWS believes that it is by identifying people according to their needs and wants, that specific help can be harnessed and provided for individuals, groups and communities.

"We see ourselves becoming the most trusted partner in global welfare provision, enriching the lives of millions of people across diverse socio-economic divides, and leaving footprints of help all over the world."

Core values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and a deep concern for others transcend every facet of MSWS operations.

To conscientiously marshal and oversee funds to run a welfare scheme that seeks to improve and enrich lives of the poor and vulnerable by easing socio-economic challenges that confront them.


Our Work

Embedded within the MSWS operations is the use of appropriate equipment and expertise that digitally profiles and manages data on millions of registered Scheme Members in real time.