“Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man‐made and can be removed by the actions of human beings…”

Mass Social Welfare Scheme

As inspired by the world most celebrated freedom fighter his Excellency Nelson Madiba Mandela today the Mass Social Welfare Scheme exists as an authoritative organization in delivering short and long term social welfare services to everyone in Ghana and across Africa

Education & Scholarship

MSWS has teamed up with enthusiastic partners who provide funding to make long dreamt of educational aspirations possible for Scheme Members.

MSWS also awards needs-based scholarship in the form of financial aid to deserving Scheme Members with support from fund partners.

Employment, Training and Capacity Building

The MSWS platform provides employment openings for qualified Scheme Members on its platform and currently has more than 2,500 staff across the length and breadth of Ghana.

Additionally, the Scheme envisages that the Training and Capacity Building module of MSWS will equip and strengthen the abilities and competencies of the vulnerable and the unskilled.

Financial Help

The Mass Social Welfare Scheme collaborates with partners to provide interest-free financial assistance to Scheme Members. An estimated 500m GHS has been earmarked to support this service in year 1 alone.

Hire Purchase

MSWS provides attractive high-purchase deals for Scheme Members to the tune of up to 50% discounts on all consumables on offer, through mutually beneficial relationships with strategic partners in industry and other global interests. MSWS has set aside 1bn GHS in conjunction with Scheme Partners to fund this service.

Shelter & Affordable Housing

Basic shelter needs of MSWS Scheme Members are catered for under this service component. Profiled Scheme Members whose welfare preference allows them to access this service enjoy more dignifying lodging at the most comfortable of expense.

Scheme Members are also assisted to acquire decent, secure and more fitting accommodation that restores their self-esteem.

Top-up Medical Insurance

MSWS provides Top-Up Medical Insurance for Scheme Members who, though are on other existing Health Insurance policies, may have incurred expenses beyond a certain limit they cannot afford.

Donors and Partners

Good at Help

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